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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Huddy's Feet?

How, I have never heard of blog The Llama Butchers, but they take note of Juliet Huddy in a curious way here:
We've been plagued by this whole Juliet Huddy thing for a long, long time now and I have to ask - who the hell is she, anyway? And what's with the feet? Why Juliet Huddy's feet? Does somebody seriously believe there are pictures of Juliet Huddy's feet floating about on the 'Net? Or that there should be? And that we would have them? (Just as an aside, feet leave me cold.) It seems to me that we've generated far too much search engine traffic on the whole Juliet Huddy theme. So let me say to you would-be stalkers out there right now that we have no, nada, zippo information on any of the following topics:

- Juliet Huddy pudding baths

-Juliet Huddy sorority pillow fights

- Juliet Huddy's David Hasselhoff tattoo

- Juliet Huddy and the Chamber of Fire

- Juliet Huddy's secret marriage to Melissa Theuriau (although boy howdy do I wish we did!)

- Juliet Huddy's Georgia Love Shack

- Juliet Huddy's Hot NASCAR Pics
Thank you. And God bless!
If there are pictures of Huddy's feet out there (and I wouldn't be surprised) so be it, but that really doesn't do it for me. As for the other items - wouldn't that be nice...


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