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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Juliet Huddy: Newsbabe

On the blog Heartland Notebook, a fellow blogger noted on Monday that FNC was his cable news network of choice. I heartily support this assertion on a number of levels. One point that I found particulairy interesting is the following:
"One other thing regarding Fox, et al; if they didn’t invent, they certainly popularized, the News Babe, for which may I just say thank yew, thank yew from the bottom of my triple bypass. While bad news will always be bad news, it is infinitely more palatable when delivered by eye candy like Patti Ann Brown … or Juliet Huddy … or Jane Skinner … or Kiran Chetry … or … but I digress."

Not a bad point. It stands to reason that they have become a popular nework for many reasons - this among them.

All I know is that whomever put Huddy on the air deserves the Nobel prize.


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