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Friday, September 01, 2006

Huddy Interview, Part 1

There is this charming little Yahoo! fan site called, interestingly enough, Juliet_Huddy.

I happend to see recently that our own Juliet Huddy reportedly is answering questions submitted by fans like us.

If I may be so bold, here is a part of the interview:

Do you play golf or any other sports on a regular basis?

[Huddy, Juliet] I love basketball, although not actually 'playing' the game; just free-throw shooting. For some weird reason, I'm really good at skill-type sports, although I'm pretty lousy when I have to actually do the cardio portions. i.e. I hate running! I also like going to the driving range, though I've never actually played a round of golf in my life. Does miniature golf count? I KILL on that! So in other words, I'm not playing sports on a frequent basis, although I do like puttering around here and there.

Most embarrassing moment on camera?

[Huddy, Juliet] Where do I begin? This is just a horrible, horrible story but you asked... I was covering some pretty grisly news; a beheading. During an interview with someone involved with the story, I said "heads are really going to roll" -- I was talking about how certain officials were going to get in a lot of trouble... it was just AWFUL. The second I said it, I tried to figure out a way to roll back time. Even now, I shudder when I think about it. And trust me, it was NOT lost on our viewers.

Ever have a Freudian slip on camera?

[Huddy, Juliet] Have you ever seen our show?!?! Mike and I have slips every two minutes.

How is that new morning show on big Fox coming along?

[Huddy, Juliet] I'd love to divulge the info but I have to keep my trap shut on this one. Mike and I are really, really excited, I can tell you that.

Was the plunge into the pool courtesy of Mike and Julian (that
happened a year ago) planned?

[Huddy, Juliet] We had a kiddie pool outside the Fox and Friends Weekend studio. As I recall, there were dogs running around, people were crowding the sidewalk and next thing you know Mike is pushing me into the pool. We never, ever stage anything. But Mike certainly does know that I'm not going to freak out over a little bit of water. Ok, a LOTTA bit of water. Honestly, anything to make the show a little different, I'm cool with.
More to come on this... but it does indeed sound like our gal, so I am going with it.
My question is, what do I have to do to get this access?

Time will tell, I suppose. Until then, I will stick with this:


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