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Friday, October 27, 2006

Huddy Bound for Greatness

Looking closely at Juliet Huddy's resume, it is easy to see that she is bound for greatness.

From her personnel file:
Huddy served as a reporter for KADY-TV (UPN) in Ventura, California, where she was a NAPTE Award finalist. She also served as the station's promotions director and executive producer before becoming a reporter there.
As I have come to find out, that acronmy means the National Association of Television Program Executives. Top notch!
Also, on a sad note, KADY is no longer, having been replaced by a Spanish-Language Family Station. The station obviously was so let down after her departure that it could not manage to keep itself open. I completely understand.

On a happy note, I see many more awards in Huddy's future. Is it a stretch to even say this? -


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