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Monday, November 06, 2006

Even Liberals Love Huddy

I just scoped out the blog Drinking Liberally, talking about FNC and more importantly, Juliet Huddy. Apparently, beauty and brains are non-partisan (thank goodness).
As the election draws near, let’s give our evil nemesis Fox News credit (yes, credit) for one thing; they sure have some hot reporters (the link is to the female page; there is a male page – ladies I’ll let you find that one on your own)! So while everyone rails on the media this week, let’s take a step back and admire them for what they’re worth. Go ahead and let everyone know who you long to hear discuss Asian tsunamis, or in the Fox case who you might be able to tolerate bashing Democrats for a second or two.

Here are a few to get you going:

Fox Category
Rudy Bakhtiar
Juliet Huddy

On this point, there can be no debate, from liberals, conservatives, etc...
The evidence:


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