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Friday, January 26, 2007

Huddy Watchers - Keep It Up!

Now I am all about bring your the highs and lows of Juliet Huddy - this is not just a sunshine and lollipops blog. I report what is out there, and do not screen what I find, for the most part.

That said, I read the following in the NY Daily News:

"Yikes - if early ratings are any indication, viewers are not digging 'The Morning Show,' hosted by Mike Jerrick and Juliet Huddy, which launched Monday locally on Ch. 5. As of yesterday, ratings for the show are off 50% from the first day."

Now this is not the best of news, but I am confident in the longevity of this show... it has a lot going for it, and eventually, people will recognize that.

AND, for Pete's sake, it has Juliet! That alone is worth a few years on the tube.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

juliet huddy sucks

2/02/2010 7:14 PM  

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