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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Juliet Huddy Fan Blog

This just in from Winter's Soldier Story -
So, after dozens upon dozens columns on national and international politics and military issues, the consistent number one draw to this blog site is ... Juliet Huddy. So much for my background and input. So much for my ego.

Wow! I mean, people really like her and want to read about her.

This blog is by no means a main-stream must-read, not by the media and not even by other bloggers. But if you do a Google search on Juliet Huddy, thousands of entries come up, and somewhere in the first three or four pages, you'll find a reference to this blog!

Holy moly! I'm in the wrong business! I should start a new "official" Juliet Huddy fan club! I should write about Juliet Huddy every single day of my life.
I agree, war and politics have their place, but Juliet Huddy is in a league of her own.
And sorry - but I have the fan blog covered... :)

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