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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Juliet Huddy Party Details

Now, I am never surprised at what I see online anymore, but I did see one thing today that caught my attention. I know there is some crazy stuff out there, especially on sites like MySpace. But, on the MySpace blog page of a girl named "Kristin," there is some particularly interesting reading. Apparently, she took it upon herself to wrote about her 2006, and this is what she says about April:
"April: Ooooh… what a fun month! The highlight is a tie between the Tiger Ball and Wendy's bachelorette party (I think that was in April). I got drunk with Juliet Huddy at the Tiger Ball, which was both fun and funny, but I can't say why. The bach party didn't hit the top until later when I found out that my friends thought I was staying in the guest room fooling around with another chica. WHAT!? A. I wasn't even there! 2. I definitely wasn't with a lady! (I could be having a great flashback right now, but I drank too much.)"
Hmmm. This raises some questions, but the fact of the matter is that Kristin is from Missouri, and the Tiger Ball sounds like a University of Missouri event, which is where Juliet went to college. So, this is gaining slight credibility. [Edit: indeed it is a Univ. of Missouri event.]

What doesn't add up is what a celeb like Huddy would be doing hanging out with this hayseed.

Anyway, the plot thickens with Kristin's next blog reply:
"I didn't say I necessarily had more fun with the crazy Mizzou Alums... it was just very interesting. The QB coach was wearing a powder blue tux, my dad touched Juliet Huddy's boob(s) (how embarrassing), and I got to dance w/ old people to Disco Dick."
Now this raises even more questions:
  • Where was this party?
  • Who is her Dad?
  • How can I get an invite?
  • What was the deal with the said grope in question???
Exhibit A: please see red sweater.

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