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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Huddy Interview, Part 2

Here is more from the Juliet Huddy Yahoo! fan site interview (again, these answers are supposedly from Huddy) :

What was it like to be interviewed by Bill O'Reilly?

[Huddy, Juliet] It was a bit intimidating, honestly. Our hours are
so different; In my 9 years at FNC, I've walked by him probably 20
times. He was actually a bit more focused than I thought he'd be
prior to the segment. I walked on set and started screwing around,
making dumb jokes and generally being a dork and he really didn't
react too much. He razzed me a bit, but I love his style.

How much of "Fox &Friends Weekend" and "Dayside scripted? How much is
ad libbed?

[Huddy, Juliet] The only things scripted on FNF's and DaySide are the
guest intros and the teases to the commercial break ("Coming up,
blah blah blah). We are a bunch of ad-libbing lovers. I can't stand
reading any scripted material -- I always end up veering off anyway.

Which show is more fun to do?

[Huddy, Juliet] That's a tough question; they each had their
attractive qualities. DaySide is a bit more serious than FNF's,
mainly b/c we're only working that one hour.

How does having an audience during "Day Side" affect you & Mike?

[Huddy, Juliet] Well, we try to keep from offending people, but that
goes out the window usually about 2 minutes in. Mike and I both have
a hard time censoring ourselves; I suppose that's what sets us apart.
A good thing in some senses; a bad thing in others.

Stay tuned for more!


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