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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Huddy More Than Eye Candy

After working my way around the dial, I came across the blog Pirate's Cove. He has some pretty cool stuff on there - so go check it out.
The post that intreagued me the most had to do, of course, with Juliet Huddy.

The point I think he is trying to make is that you can have all the beautiful people in the world on TV, but unless there is more to the talent than meets the eye, no one will go for it.
"To put a fine point on it, there are hotties and, I suppose, hunks on the news. That is what the media goes for. Heck, I perk up when someone like Juliet Huddy or Rachel Nichols at ESPN is on. But, while they are pretty (and I never get to see Rachel's legs), the use of sex appeal is not done to a point where it overshadows the message." (direct)
Clearly one reason that Huddy has so many fans is that she combines the best of both worlds.

On a slightly unrelated note, a belated Talk Like A Pirate Day - Celebrated (somewhere) on September 19th.


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