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Monday, September 18, 2006

Huddy the Next Couric?

I was reading Howard Kurtz's column this morning, and read this section on Katie Couric:

Couric Watch

It didn't take long -- six days, to be precise -- for some critics to start pronouncing Katie Couric's CBS tenure a failure.

After taking the "CBS Evening News" to first place in her debut week, Couric dropped to third last Monday, and rivals declared her surge over. But she won two of the next three nights, and finished second on the other. To be sure, Couric's more feature-oriented approach has stirred controversy, but history shows that news ratings move at a molasses pace.

"I said from Day One I'd be happy with consistent and even slow growth," says CBS News President Sean McManus. "Even being in a race for No. 1 is a pretty darn good accomplishment, a sea change considering where the 'CBS Evening News' has been the last 10 years. For some people, it's an attractive story to say that Katie is back at No. 3, when in reality this is going to be a fight for the next couple of years."
How fickle the critics are - playing Couric up one day, and slamming her the next. I can only think how, after a little seasoning to be sure, our own Juliet Huddy could reap the benefits of women like Katie Couric paving the way for more female network anchors. Huddy certainly has the looks and brains to match. It is all about timing, and the way things are going on CBS, who knows??


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