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Friday, February 02, 2007

Juliet Huddy Friday Show - YouTube

My posts this week have not been as frequent a I would like, but as I have said before, sometimes my actual job gets in the way. If anyone is interested in sending me money so I can do this full time, I guarantee that I would not miss one bit of the action.

That being said, I have been watching The Morning Show.

I love how this morning they had on the ladies that appeared in the wildly popular YouTube video featuring a bride-to-be cutting off her hair (the primary video has been taken down).

And as Lost Remote, among others, reported:
"As a few Lost Remoters suspected, the incredibly popular YouTube clip of the bride throwing a fit over her bad hair is a fake. The clip was played over and over again in a Today Show segment on bad hair earlier this week. But it turns out the 'bride' is 21-year-old Toronto aspiring actress Jodi Behan, as outed by the blog Dlisted and confirmed in this National Post story. And now the clip has been 'removed by the user' from YouTube. Good intincts, LR readers. First, Lonelygirl15 and now the bad hair bride — can you believe anything on YouTube these days? One thing’s for sure, the media will be a lot more careful when airing video from YouTube going forward."
That's the lovely internet for you...

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