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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Huddy A Good Tipper

No, this post has nothing to do with Al Gore, thank goodness.
I was just doing a little reading, and still had Regis on the brain, and came across something interesting in the New York Daily News c/o Rush & Molloy.
* Regis Philbin's mug was plastered all over the Jumbotron at a Yankee doubleheader. Unfortunately, the cameraman didn't catch the look on his waitress' face when Reege left her a 75-cent tip. She was overheard complaining about it to fellow servers …
Now, I don't know about you, but surely Juliet would do a little better than that - I mean, this guy is on like 15 show at a time, and he stiffs a waitress...

I mean, come on - 75 cents?? I realize that is 1.5 rappers, but give me a break...


Blogger andyswo said...

i miss julietbtoo very much.1:00 just isn't the same.i've been watching kelly in the morn and 1 thing i noticed is that i hope fox let's juliet stock up on the high heels and tight outfits,that's what kelly has on every day and we all know juliet definately has a better body then kelly.

9/29/2006 11:50 PM  
Blogger Maxwell Smart said...

Hey Andy - thanks for the comment.

I'm sure she will have a new wardrobe on her network show... and she will look great, you can bet on that.

10/02/2006 11:05 AM  

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