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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Huddy A Part of TV Greatness

I was going to hold off on the topic of the upcoming Fox News 10-year Anniversary as the big events draw closer, but if Ace of Spades feels like jumping in, I can at least dip my pinky toe in the pool.

It really is amazing how far the network has come, especially in such a crowded news landscape. You have to give a lot of credit to the mangement over there, who saw key talents like Huddy, among others, and gave them a space to show their stuff.
"Thanks to the good people at Fox, good newsmen like former-employee Tony Snow, David Asman, Chris Wallace, Linda Vester, Juliet Huddy and current 'anchor' Brit Hume have had an outlet offered to them that might otherwise not have existed. [...]

It's not for nothing that Fox soon found itself at the top of the ratings. And, it's not for nothing that they have steadily maintained that position."
Well, said, sir!


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