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Monday, October 02, 2006

Ailes Knows His Huddy

There is a great read in the Washington Post this morning, about Fox News and the primary reason for its success: Roger Ailes.
"Ten years after he created Fox News Channel, Roger Ailes says he still avoids mentioning his place of employment in certain circles.

'It's just not worth going through the hassle at an elite party,' he says. And: 'The only reason I know we're doing the right thing is that we're widely criticized.' And: 'I've never felt out of the mainstream in America. I've felt out of the mainstream at Le Cirque.'"

Clearly Ailes knows his stuff. The channel is a huge success, and it has also allowed Juliet Huddy to work he way up the ranks - to her big-time network gig. Ailes is clearly showing a lot of faith in her; and as we know, it is well-deserved.

From the vault, Huddy estimates her potential for being a mainstay in the news game...


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