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Friday, January 12, 2007

Juliet Huddy Feature

The Washington Times offers a preview into "The Morning Show With Mike and Juliet" upcoming in a little over a week. They paint a pretty good picture.
Fox is stepping up its efforts in the daytime broadcast race with a new morning show that will go head to head with ABC's "Live With Regis and Kelly" at 9 a.m. weekdays. [Reege is going down.]
"The Morning Show With Mike and Juliet," featuring Fox News Channel veterans Mike Jerrick and Juliet Huddy, will debut Jan. 22, Fox announced yesterday.
The hour-long program will offer a mix of celebrity interviews, lifestyle segments and audience participation.
"We'll have fashion, beauty, health, relationships -- Mike loves to talk about his love life," Miss Huddy joked. [please, no]
The show, which will be broadcast live from New York, will discuss water-cooler fodder as well as family issues like parenting. [...]
"I think Regis is the king of doing this and if we can come close to his success, that'd be great," he said. "We know how to do this; we just need some people to watch." [count me in.]
Miss Huddy noted that the duo is not "reinventing the wheel," but she said their chemistry sets them apart. The two -- who tease each other with the easy rapport of a brother and sister -- have worked together for more than four years, first as co-hosts of Fox News Channel's weekend edition of "Fox and Friends," and most recently, on "DaySide," the cable network's daily live-audience talk show.
"Normally, they take two people and they shove them together," Miss Huddy said, calling the day she met Mr. Jerrick "the greatest day in my professional life." [with many more to come.]
But, she stressed: "We are not dating." [thank goodness]
Mr. Jerrick said the new gig will be the opposite of "DaySide" and probably feature 10 percent hard news, instead of 80 percent to 90 percent.
Miss Huddy summed up: "This show is going to let us go nuts."

Wow - I can't wait to see Juliet go nuts - that will be quality viewing.

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