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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

New Juliet Huddy Blog Readers?

I am sorry to say that as hard it is to believe, some of my fellow bloggers have not been reading my posts to find out what Juliet Huddy has been up to.

I am all about planting seeds and forming relationships, so I am glad to have picked up on the RO blog that posts the following under the title - Juliet Huddy of Fox News:
"Juliet Huddy of Fox News is another gorgeous news babe. What has happened to Juliet Huddy, is that she and co-star Mike Jerrick are going to start a new show, Jan. 22, 2007.

Here are some 'fun' facts about Juliet Huddy:

She likes guys with hairy chests (that takes me out of the picture:))
Juliet Huddy likes karaoke….who doesn’t?
Juliet has been Divorced (twice)

and the most depressing part, apparently Juliet Huddy likes to listen to Howard Stern.

We wish her and Mike Jerrick good luck in their new show."

Glad to see "theoperative" is finally finding out the scoop on my favorite news lady.

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