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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Juliet Huddy Potential Viewers

From a response on ICN to the entry entitled: Here comes The Morning Show…
"As a disclaimer, I’d watch a show that featured Juliet Huddy watching paint dry, but I do think she and Jerrick will work well in this new spot. And part of the draw for me was the humor and lightheartedness — it’s early and I’m already having to work."
Wow - I would agree in spades. That said, not all comments are as positive:
"Since FNC is a news channel I think having a show like M&J were doing was a mistake. Being the new show is more of a non news talk show there goofiness may be more tolerated."
I do understand the point here. Some people want their news networks to be just hard news.
I personally liked Huddy on F&F, and then Dayside... and I think this will be another vehicle for her talents.
That said, if this medium on network TV brings in more people, than I am all for it!

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